Sneakers on the platform - how to wear ultratrand shoes?
Great news for fans of sports shoes - trendy sneakers on a high platform! Such shoes visually lengthens the legs, without the need to wear insidious studs. Sneakers on the…

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Casual style for women - the rules of combining clothes
“Casual” means “casual” or “casual.” Casual clothes for women are suitable for everyday wear: for work, study, shopping or for a walk. These are practical, convenient things which do not…

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With what to wear ankle boots in thick heels and on the platform - fashionable images
Shoes on the platform and heels loved by many fashionistas. Such models allow you to visually increase the growth and length of the legs, while not causing discomfort and fatigue.…

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Trendy boots of autumn – choose shoes correctly

Autumn slowly comes into its own, and this suggests that many fashionable women will soon go to the store for new clothes for the upcoming season. What shoes do you prefer – boots, ankle boots or boots? If you like the last option, then our article is for you. We will talk about trend currents and help you choose the current model of autumn boots. Think fashion is capricious? Designers care about all women and always offer many options to choose from. You will surely pick up a fashionable pair that you like and fits perfectly into your wardrobe.
Material – options for fashionistas
The most practical material for a rainy autumn is still leather, but autumn is often Boots autumn 2015, but it brings us fine days. Among the new boots of the fall of 2015, suede models are worth highlighting – such boots look very warm and cozy. Modern means for the care of suede shoes are able to give the boots water-repellent properties and prevent the formation of scuffs. Suede boots this year can be both on the heel and on the wedge, and the sole itself can also be trimmed with suede. Continue reading

Fashionable backpacks – how to choose a trend accessory?

Sports style is firmly entrenched in the number of fashion trends, so beautiful backpacks have become a very popular accessory. This bag is incredibly comfortable, because both hands are free.
But not only fans of sneakers and sneakers dream of comfort – both business ladies and romantic natures are not averse to trying on fashionable women’s backpacks, because among the assortment of leading brands there are a wide variety of models and colors.
Backpack sports – active rest
If you go to a gym, play sports, or prefer an active holiday, surely your closet is full of sports clothes. Of course, there are many stylish models of sports bags, but – a backpack will not only provide you with maximum comfort, but also emphasize the relevance of your image to the latest fashion trends. Continue reading

How to wear rubber boots – rules and anti-trends

Women are tired of choosing between beauty and convenience. Now designers are inferior to women of fashion, creating versatile things that allow you to look stylish without feeling discomfort.
With the arrival of autumn, the issue of choosing shoes is becoming more acute – it should be beautiful and practical during bad weather. Rational girls wear rubber boots in autumn, while they look stylish and elegant. Fashionable rubber boots will protect the legs and bring zest to the modern look.
Rubber shoe models are classified by the following features:
bootleg height – low, high;
outsole – flat sole, high or low heel, wedge; Continue reading

What to wear with slip-on sneakers - fashionable shoe combinations
Slip-ons are a type of sports shoe. Increasingly, women wear sneakers without laces with dresses and skirts. Such a combination is permissible, because even the designers of the Chanel Fashion…


Ah, this cell - with what to wear checkered things.
A checkered print is relevant always and everywhere - these are classic costumes, and strict business attire, and original country music, and even a gentle romantic style. Designers actively use…


Greek style - a symbol of the grace of a woman
Designers around the world for many years have been inspired by the images of the ancient Greek goddesses and earthly fashionistas of antiquity. Greek style was born when physical beauty…