Fashionable backpacks - how to choose a trend accessory?
Sports style is firmly entrenched in the number of fashion trends, so beautiful backpacks have become a very popular accessory. This bag is incredibly comfortable, because both hands are free.…

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Bomber jacket: what to wear women's jacket
Jackets "Bomber" style was originally a uniform of American pilots. In a shortened jacket, it is convenient to sit at the helm. Tight elastic bands on the collar, cuffs and…

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How To Wear Loafers - Fashion Trend Shoes
Loafers - comfortable shoes without buckles on a wide heel. They resemble classic shoes, only less strict. Sometimes they are called moccasins - this is not true. The top of…

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lower part of the silhouette

Grunge style in clothes – chaotic combinations of things

If you are tired of indulging in the whims of changeable fashion, in your soul lies a protest against glamor and luxury that you would like to demonstrate to society, then the grunge style is just for you.
Fans and fans of the grunge style are mostly young people, but often the older generation allow themselves to dress deliberately scruffy, ignoring the trends and recommendations of stylists.
Good news for fans of grunge – this style returns to fashion podiums again among the current trends. Let’s find out if there are rules for opponents of glamor, and how Kurt Cobain fans dress up.
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Fashionable jewelry – create a brilliant look.

Jewelry is usually given the role of add-ons, they are selected for clothes, completing the image. But not this year! In the trend are large, flashy, original jewelry and accessories that are sure to become a central element of any outfit. Hurry to find out what exactly is in fashion today.
As mentioned above, fashion jewelry is a large product that should be visible from afar. Look for earrings with massive pendants, these can be:
geometric bodies and shapes; imitation pearls the size of a walnut; earrings tassels fringe;
awesome chandelier earrings; large hoop earrings;
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Business fashion – how to stylishly dress in the office

Business lady and gray mouse – how similar are these concepts? The image of a business woman implies a laconic hairstyle, a minimum of makeup, modest jewelry and clothes of strict cut without elaborate details, intricate elements and bright shades. But this does not mean that all office clothes are of the same type.
Our advice will help to look stylish and fit the working mood.
Office style elements
Each office has its own rules, they are set by the authorities, but there are general recommendations for work orders. Women’s business clothing is a suit that comes in three types: Continue reading

Spring Coats and Jackets
Spring has not prepared for us something radically new in terms of outerwear for beautiful ladies. Many ideas and trends have remained in fashion since last season, and some trends…


Espadrilles - with what to wear stylish women's shoes
Espadrilles are an amazing solution for warm weather. Natural materials, a comfortable shoe and elegant appearance ensured the popularity of trendy shoes. Not all girls decide to buy such slippers,…


Fashionable bags spring-summer - trend combinations
If you consider yourself a real fashionista, you probably pay attention not only to your wardrobe, but also to accessories. It is very important to choose the right bag, because…