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Greek style - a symbol of the grace of a woman
Designers around the world for many years have been inspired by the images of the ancient Greek goddesses and earthly fashionistas of antiquity. Greek style was born when physical beauty…

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Casual style for women - the rules of combining clothes
“Casual” means “casual” or “casual.” Casual clothes for women are suitable for everyday wear: for work, study, shopping or for a walk. These are practical, convenient things which do not…

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Dress with an open back - we select an elegant dress on a figure
Is there a dress that is both strict and elegant, and also sexy and flirty? This dress is with a neckline on the back! From the front, the outfit looks…

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What to wear with overalls – tips for every day

The overalls are the element of clothes combining the top and lower part of a dress. This is the main plus of the jumpsuit – no need to pick up the top to the pants, risking an inappropriate combination.
Do not confuse the jumpsuit with semi-overalls! The semi-overalls are trousers with a bib and straps. Under such clothes, be sure to wear a top or blouse.
Recently, the expression “jumpsuit-skirt” appeared – this is an incorrect definition. The combination of “skirt + top” is called a dress, and the combination of “skirt + breastplate with shoulder straps” is called a sundress.
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Military style: feminine images

Military designers did not come up with – the style originated by itself. After the First World War, all sewing enterprises were set up to sew a military uniform. Funds for the production of civilian clothes was not. People wore army suits in everyday life. Military uniforms were altered – women’s dresses and children’s clothes were sewn from it.
In the 60s of the last century, the American youth put on camouflage – in protest against the bloodshed in Vietnam. Fashion designers have noticed that such clothes are comfortable and stylish. Celine, Prada, Dior, Vuitton and other famous designers demonstrated outfits with elements of military paraphernalia at haute couture shows.
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Bomber jacket: what to wear women’s jacket

Jackets “Bomber” style was originally a uniform of American pilots. In a shortened jacket, it is convenient to sit at the helm. Tight elastic bands on the collar, cuffs and waist protected from the wind, because the cockpit is open. In case of disaster, the pilot turned the jacket inside out and attracted the attention of rescuers with its bright lining. The first jackets for pilots-bomber sewed from the windproof and waterproof leather. After the invention of the nylon bombers began to sew out of it, which reduced the weight of the pilot uniform and increased the level of comfort.
This style of jacket was chosen by students of American colleges. Wearing a bomber jacket was fashionable. Jackets for civilians were sewn from jersey or textiles. Over time, the ladies began to wear a women’s bomber jacket made of denim, satin, corduroy, suede, synthetic materials. Continue reading

How To Wear Loafers – Fashion Trend Shoes

Loafers – comfortable shoes without buckles on a wide heel. They resemble classic shoes, only less strict. Sometimes they are called moccasins – this is not true. The top of the shoes gently fits the foot, but this shoe has a hard sole and heel, which is not in moccasins.
History of lofters
Shoes with a rounded toe and long tongue were worn by English sailors. About the sailors then formed an opinion as loafers, because they spent a lot of time in the pubs of port cities. Slacker in English sounds like a “loffer” – hence the name shoes.
In the twentieth century, women began to wear loafers. In 1957, shoes appeared on the big screen – they were worn by the heroine Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Funny Face”. Shoes without heels wore an icon of Grace Kelly style. In the 21st century, female models with heels appeared. Continue reading

Choker – with what to wear a fashion accessory

Choker – decoration, tight-fitting neck. The first to wear a necklace were Indians. They decorated the chokers with mollusks, animal tusks, and put symbolic meaning into the product. The history of the choker continued in France. Noble ladies wore intricate necklaces with precious stones. At one time, women began to wear a satin red choker around their necks to commemorate the victims of the guillotine.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the female choker was a characteristic accessory for the representatives of the oldest profession. And in the 20th century, Princess Diana introduced the fashion for pearl chokers. In the 90s, black line fishing tattoo chokers became popular.
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