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50 shades of autumn - we dilute the wardrobe with bright images
Sad time ... Is this true? Autumn is no reason to be sad! It's time to flaunt in bright outfits, and nature itself will tell us fashionable shades. Yellow, red,…

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Spring Coats and Jackets
Spring has not prepared for us something radically new in terms of outerwear for beautiful ladies. Many ideas and trends have remained in fashion since last season, and some trends…

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Treads - with what to wear trend boots
High boots-boots are difficult to combine with other things. Often the boots look vulgar or distort the silhouette of a girl. But on fashion podiums, these models of boots are…

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Shoes on the platform – convenience and fashion in one bottle

Shoes with heels visually makes women’s legs longer, the figure is slimmer, and the image as a whole is sleeker. But prolonged walking in high heels is fraught with swelling and tired legs, pain in the feet, legs, back, corns, varicosity and other troubles. How to be owners of small stature?
The optimal solution is platform shoes. The platform is a thick sole, due to which you can visually increase the growth and length of the legs without additional stress on the lift and calf muscle. These shoes are very diverse, let’s look at the range and find out what to wear with shoes on the platform.
How to wear shoes on the platform
The most comfortable and stylish version of shoes on the platform – this model on the wedge. The platform in such shoes is located over the entire area of ​​the sole, and the heel part is raised relative to the toes. Usually, the heel part of the platform tapers down, so the shoe looks less massive. There are also original shoes on the platform, the photo shows models with a carving from below, thanks to which the sole is divided into front and back part – an illusion of the heel is created. Continue reading

With what to wear ankle boots in thick heels and on the platform – fashionable images

Shoes on the platform and heels loved by many fashionistas. Such models allow you to visually increase the growth and length of the legs, while not causing discomfort and fatigue. To some ladies, such ankle boots will seem rude, to others, on the contrary – quite elegant. Let’s see who are the boots on a thick heel and platform, and learn how to make harmonious images with such shoes.
What to combine ankle boots
The name of the shoe in the English language is called “ankle boots” from the word “ankle” – ankle. These shoes are a cross between half boots and shoes. In most models, the top of the ankle boots covers the ankle, but there are low-cropped options in which the bone remains visible.
Ankle boots can be demi-season or summer, you can combine them with skirts, dresses, pants or shorts. Ankle boots with thick heels are as stable as possible, so you can safely put them on for a walk or shopping – your feet will not get tired, and there is practically no risk to twist your leg. Continue reading

Suede dresses – trend combination rules

Suede shoes, gloves and bags have become a classic and loved by women of fashion. Designers offer us to use suede in an unusual role – to wear dresses.
Modern suede is soft and pleasant to the touch, so dresses from it are comfortable and varied in styles. Consider a few stylish images with suede dresses and learn how to wear a novelty by the rules.
What to wear with suede dresses
Designers insist that such dresses be added to the wardrobe of all fashionistas. Suede is appropriate as part of a business kit, suitable for shopping or walking, it can be put on a date and adapted to sports shoes. Continue reading

What can I wear with a denim shirt – a versatile item of wardrobe

It is impossible to imagine a woman’s wardrobe without at least one pair of jeans, but denim shirts are much less common. This is absolutely unfair, because a denim shirt can be worn in various ways, making up hundreds of stylish looks.
Let’s try to imagine how much richer your wardrobe will be after purchasing a denim shirt, and also learn how to create harmonious sets with this fashionable thing.
Classic denim shirt
Most often such a shirt is buttoned, it has a shirt collar traditional for a shirt, button cuffs, chest pockets with flaps. Often there are fitted models, with patches on the shoulders, figured hem. Continue reading

What to wear with a raincoat – trendy tips for fashionistas

Throwing on a raincoat, you can transform any outfit, making it feminine and elegant. A raincoat resembles a dress, so even if you wear it with jeans or sports shoes, your look will always be elegant.
We bring to your attention the most harmonious outfits with a raincoat – no matter what style you prefer, such outerwear will be a good addition to your wardrobe.
Black cloak
Classic black can be combined with things of any color, but it is recommended to avoid dark brown. A black total bow with a raincoat is not the best choice. The outfit will look grim. But if you prefer the Gothic style, let’s say this option – add a costume with silver metal accessories. Continue reading

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