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50 shades of autumn - we dilute the wardrobe with bright images
Sad time ... Is this true? Autumn is no reason to be sad! It's time to flaunt in bright outfits, and nature itself will tell us fashionable shades. Yellow, red,…

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New Year's corporate party - how to look stylish
Corporate party is a bit unusual holiday. People who work together every day, being for each other not only colleagues, but also bosses, as well as subordinates, relax here in…

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Tights - versatile wardrobe item. Learning to wear correctly
Tights or leggings - a kind of variation of tights, only these products look more freely and boldly. The main advantage of leggings in the absence of "socks", so they…

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What to wear with a park – we select shoes and trousers

Today, jacket parks are more than popular. Their main advantage is incredible comfort, in such outerwear it is very warm in the cold, wind or heavy snow. The park is distinguished from other styles of jackets by a drawstring at the waist, a voluminous hood, a high stand-up collar, and high-quality insulation.
The standard length of such a jacket is from mid-thigh to knee. Parks came into civilian wardrobe from military uniforms, so they have a lot of patch pockets – exterior and interior. Another advantage of parks is that now this thing is considered a fashion trend, you no longer have to choose between comfort and fashion! Let’s learn how to properly combine a jacket park with other things and
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Fashionable bags spring-summer – trend combinations

If you consider yourself a real fashionista, you probably pay attention not only to your wardrobe, but also to accessories. It is very important to choose the right bag, because this part of the image is not so much decorative as functional.
The trend bag should favorably complement the features of your appearance and body shape, conform to the overall style of the dress and fulfill its obligations – to contain everything you need to take with you. Let’s learn about the main trends of the coming season in the world of fashion bags.
Small handbags
As for the fashion for bags, spring was quite categorical in terms of dimensions. Medium-sized handbags are not particularly favored by designers, in trend are miniature accessories and large rifle bags opposite to them. A tiny handbag, according to the designers, is able to give its owner a feeling of lightness, to make outfits as accurate as possible. Continue reading

Fashionable jewelry – create a brilliant look.

Jewelry is usually given the role of add-ons, they are selected for clothes, completing the image. But not this year! In the trend are large, flashy, original jewelry and accessories that are sure to become a central element of any outfit. Hurry to find out what exactly is in fashion today.
As mentioned above, fashion jewelry is a large product that should be visible from afar. Look for earrings with massive pendants, these can be:
geometric bodies and shapes; imitation pearls the size of a walnut; earrings tassels fringe;
awesome chandelier earrings; large hoop earrings;
long earrings with multi-tiered pendants. Continue reading

Spring Coats and Jackets

Spring has not prepared for us something radically new in terms of outerwear for beautiful ladies. Many ideas and trends have remained in fashion since last season, and some trends have been for decades. But updated interpretations, modern materials and stylish accessories can make your every image fresh and unusual. So, buying a new spring jacket – from which to choose?
Fashionable colors outerwear
Despite the fact that the most fashionable colors are spring, according to the Institute of Panton color, delicate pink and blue, traditional black is in the lead. In a trend, black leather leather jackets, black short coats like soldier overcoats, black down jackets.
Next in line are brown and red, these are popular shades for leather as well as suede products, which are also relevant this season. Brown quilted coats and snow-white down jackets of various styles complete with white boots decorated with fur are also in fashion. Continue reading

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Espadrilles - with what to wear stylish women's shoes
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Spring Coats and Jackets
Spring has not prepared for us something radically new in terms of outerwear for beautiful ladies. Many ideas and trends have remained in fashion since last season, and some trends…